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About me

ThomasBader_600pxI may spend a lot of time above the clouds, but I was born with two feet firmly on the ground. Today I live 850 meters above sea level in the beautiful village of Gosheim in the district of Tuttlingen, Germany. My father’s enthusiasm for flying rubbed off on me at a very early age, for which I’m very grateful. I started building and flying model planes from the age of 10, and pretty soon I started wanting to aim higher. On my 14th birthday, I began my glider pilot training at Klippeneck near Spaichingen. By the time I was 17, I had a glider pilot license (PPL-C) under my belt. I was determined to climb higher still. Over the next few years, I achieved the motor glider pilot license (PPL-B) and more airplane pilot licenses (PPL-A / CVFR/ JAR-FCL/ IR). In 1986, I was 21 years old and the youngest glider instructor in Germany. I’d also completed my aerobatics training and was very active in national and international competitions, mainly in cross-country gliding. A lasting memory from this time is the three cross-country flights I took between 1990 and 1992 in South Africa, which took me across 1000 km solely using a glider. Today, I’ve clocked up over 3000 flight hours and have scored over 1500 take offs and landings on over 50 different types of planes. The highlight of my carrier so far has been without doubt the journey on my glider to Scandinavia and the aerobatic training I received in Europe from Sergei Boriak and in the USA from the world-renowned airshow pilot Sean D. Tucker.

I fly regularly on air shows, extreme aerobatics of the highest class is my passion.
You can see my current events here or book me for an aerobatic demonstration!

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